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Green Source Lighting was founded in early 2009 to help companies realize the need for a safer, greener way to light up their projects. Green Source Lighting offers only high quality LED products and services for all your commercial, architectural, and municipality lighting needs, large or small.

Going green doesn't cost a lot of green either, given the ROI potential in advanced LED technology, once again raising the bar for a greener earth. Give us a call today and one of our highly trained designers will help you realize your green potential and maximize your LED ratings.

Upgrading lighting can save up to 60% of your lighting cost, while improving light quality and reducing maintenance costs. You could recoup your capital costs in as little as two years while financing them 100% in the meantime. It's a simple way for your business to significantly cut costs on one of the largest energy expenses.

Our objective is to provide you with the highest quality service using the latest technologies available today to put your facility on the fast track to substantial energy savings.

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